Our New Apartment!

So Caitlin has been posting a lot and has repeatedly mentioned this to me, in a not so subtle matter, so that I would post. Well I got a surprise for her and all our readers, I will be posting our new apartment via video. Grandpa John was generous enough to give us a video camera so we could give you a tour of our apartment. I spent some time editing the movie we made but I am still far from an expert and have yet to master the steadiness of a professional camera man. I also shrunk the size of the file so I hope the quality of the video works out. So here is the second best we can do of our apartment from a distance, the only way to get a better view is to come visit.


9 thoughts on “Our New Apartment!

  1. I am so happy that you are getting there with all the errands and different things you need to take care. We love you and can not wait to visit you guys. Hope will be soon.


  2. thanks for the tour, Alex. I hope you got a reward sticker for that one. 🙂 nice views! Caitlin, I would be in the hammock room all the time too! Good luck with staining all the furniture. don't get too woozy on those fumes!


  3. This is incredible, both the apartment and the video. Good job, Alex. I am envious of all your storage space. The windows are marvelous; all you need is a little sunshine to warm things up. I'm not sure if you could get your couch any closer to the fireplace, but it must be keeping your toes warm.
    Thanks to Grandpa John for the gift!
    This is too exciting; can't wait to visit.


  4. Alex, you did a great job. Can't wait to see some of that finished furniture in place! Am on to the blogs below.



  5. saaweeeet video, def cool to get a real viewing of the apt. Now I know where I am going to live when I run away from law school and never come back, haha just kidding! (or am I…?) can't wait to come visit you guys!

    P.S. very nice diplomatic move with the new blog name =D


  6. thanks for the tour, it was great! Watched it twice and got more the second time, so will watch it again.Love your apartment,and when the furniture is done and you “settle in” I'm sure you'll be very happy. Wonderful to have so much room and super view. Is it spring?
    Alex,I have a letter to talk to you about. I'll try to e-mail you.


  7. Not bad there Caitlex. I'm seeing some old and some new. Your bedroom is looking suspiciously like Mound street which is old, but Caitlin seems to have taken over your lazy ways which is new. Maybe she's just going into hibernation with the cold weather! Oh and before I forget, my favorite part of the apartment was the shower curtain you showed us. Definitely reserving guest room #1 for late January/early Februaryish so maybe you can have the place set up by then.


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