Wedding Photos

We have about a billion wedding photos (which is of course something I am thrilled about). I figure the best way to share them is just to give you all the link:
wedding photos
the password is: oneal
Our photographer was awesome. We highly recommend him….super relaxed and took great photos.
Now, because I struggle to even bother posting without photos, I think I’ll add a few of my favorites on here….


This necklace is the diamond from my grandmother’s wedding ring. My mom gave it to me on my 18th birthday.

I love this pictures because this is such a typical Laura face as she pins on my dad’s boutonniere.

Just about ready!

Starting down the aisle.
Apparently Alex started to worry that I wasn’t coming since I took so long, but I had to walk all way down the hallway since the back of the church was windows and I didn’t want people to see!!

Lighting the unity candle

My girls and I at the Capitol!

Alex and his boys at the Capitol.
I was a little worried they were going to slip off the railing in those rented tux shoes!

Me and Alex at the Capitol

This picture is too cute. That’s Alex’s cousin Jose Clemente taking a picture of his parents in front of the big red gym.

Grand march!

First dance


Okay….I could go on and on. There are at least 20 more that are my “favorites” but I’ll let you look on your own before I bore you to death (and fill up the entire front page of the blog).
The night was incredible! We had so much fun and were glad that so many of our friends and family could be there to help us celebrate.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Photos

  1. I'm so happy to see the blog come back to life!

    Now let's see – am I supposed to take away from this that the key to happiness is ice cream? Or possibly beer? Both sound good to me!

    Best of luck on the new adventures,



  2. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. It looks like your day turned out exactly how you wanted it to. Its beautiful.

    BTW- I'm excited you can get a cat. 🙂


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