So as all you faithful readers know I am an avid beer drinker and prefer to drink darker beer when possible. Now that we are in Quito we have taken a trip through the grocery store and seen that the beer selection here is not what I was hoping for. This is very disappointing as we were just in Belgium a week ago and had a chance to sample a wide variety of beers with varying flavors. So on that note I will post the pictures of the beers we tried. So here is the tribute, pay attention to the glasses each beer was served in its own special type of glass. As I have not figured out how to put music on the blog please hum memories or play it in itunes.

Beers we had at a Marionette theater.

More beers there. The shot glass was the bottom of the beer bottle, so all the sediment from the wheat beer was seperated.

Waterloo is fittingly named after Napoleon’s fall as it’s 8% alcohol will make you fall.

A beautiful Blonde I met.
Great beers, great location, great company.


One thought on “Beer!

  1. Hey yall! You're looking great in the beer photos! and so does that beer! yum. Glad to see that you're getting things set up in Quito. Good luck with the apartment quest.


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