We are Here!

We arrived in Quito around 9pm on Sunday and are slowly getting acquainted with everything here. The school has all us new hires staying at a hotel while they brief us on different orientation information and help us find an apartment. Yesterday included a tour of the city, which is huge and beautiful. We are excited to start exploring!
We are most excited to start unpacking though and thus begins the search for a place to live. It’s been a bit stressful so far and we are hoping that today goes better than yesterday. We know for a fact that there are affordable places with 2 bedrooms that we could rent, but it was a bit of a struggle to find them at first. Our plan today is to wander around the part of town we want to live in (something we figured out yesterday) and start asking people! We’ll let you know how it goes….
In the meantime, check out this website to get some information about where we are!

2 thoughts on “We are Here!

  1. Welcome to South America!!! I am so excited for you guys and I am ready to hear all of the details. I've been checking blog almost daily and I was posting on facebook last night when our internet crapped out. When you're settled in a little bit more, we should set up a skype date. I'm so excited for you two!


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