So this is incredibly belated, but we went to Utila in June and I just realized I had actually already started the post on our trip!
My mom and brother came down for a week to visit with the ulterior motive of being pack mules on the way back up north. We took the time to head to Utila before forcing them on a plane with all our baggage and here are some pictures…

David and a tortuga!
The guys actually got me to go diving. I took a refresher course so that I would feel more comfortable (my original certification course was a little lacking to say the least). I realized that I still don’t like diving, but I was glad to have tried again so that this time I know for sure. I get a little panicky about breathing down there and never really feel quite right. Despite that, I’m still glad that I’m certified so that if we are ever someplace really really cool (like the Galapagos) I could still go if I wanted.

Besides getting me to go diving, the boys also got Mom to try it out….and she looooved it!! In fact she started by doing a try-dive to get acquainted with the idea and ended up getting halfway done with her open water certification. She has a PADI card and can now go diving with any certified instructor. Go Mom!

We of course had to take Mom to the Mango Inn for pizza. That black cat in the background kept pawing us from the railing to get pieces of ham off our pizza. Scared the crap out of me the first time she did it!

It was MidSummer’s Night while we were there and there happened to be some Swedish people staying at the same hotel that we were. For those of you who don’t know, Alex’s grandpa is Swedish and his mom and aunt grew up there. He was very excited when they began making this traditional MidSummer’s Night decoration (in an untraditional way….those are tires under the palm fronds). They were supposed to play music and dance around it, but we must have missed those festivities while we were out to dinner.

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