Blue Hole!!!!

Check another item off the bucket list. While in Belize I took advantage of my diving skills and decided to dive THE BLUE HOLE. An item that has been on my bucket list since I realized that I love diving. The Blue Hole was formed during the last ice age and what makes it so interesting is that there are huge stalactites that you can dive down and see. In addition to the rock formations there is a good chance you see sharks. So I decided to schedule my date for destiny and go diving. The morning started early as there was a two hour boat ride to get to the dive site. No big deal I thought since I do fine on boats, the problem was that I was running a little late and ended up almost missing the boat, thankfully I got there just in time and jumped on the boat, with only minor harassment from the dive masters for being late. So off we went on the boat two hours turning into what felt like eternity as I had to pee so bad that I started to cry yellow. I thought for sure I was going to have an awkward accident. Let me mention that I had drank a ton of water the night before getting ready for this dive as we were going down to 130 ft. I was able to keep my bladder under control until we got to the dive site. Once at the dive site I jumped in, peed, then jumped back out got my stuff on and was ready to go diving. The dive went down 40m or 130 ft. I took the camera down hoping that the max limit on the case was accurate. The pictures turned out ok, but do not do the dive justice. It was definitely worth checking off the bucket list and I have to thank Caitlin for encouraging me to do it even though it was a pricey experience, she was also excitedly waiting my return to find out how it went and see that I made it home safely.

Aerial shot taken from Nation Geographic. I couldn’t quite jump high enough
Stalactites 130ft deep. They were about 40ft tall.
More Stalactites
More Stalactites, a little chilly down there.
6ft reef shark we saw coming up. There were about 6-7 of them.
Another picture, didn’t turn out as I couldn’t quite get close enough.

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