Sting Rays, and Manatees, and Sharks…Oh My!

We snorkeled with some pretty incredible creatures while we were in Belize!!!

Sting Ray!

Weird eyeballs

Alex and some sting rays. It was pretty freaky when they swam really close, especially because the other snorkeler on the boat mentioned Steve Erwin right before we jumped into the water.

Spotted Eagle Ray

Apparently this little guy wanted his picture taken too.

Teenage Manatee!

Swimmin’ on by. These things are sloooooow. One was also napping on the ocean floor and for a little bit I couldn’t even tell if he was alive!

Nurse Shark

More nurse sharks and some fish called Jacks.

Following the shark through the coral.

Loggerhead Turtle with a Sting Ray underneath him and some cleaner fish makin’ him all sparkly.

Sea Turtle. Look at that pretty shell…


One thought on “Sting Rays, and Manatees, and Sharks…Oh My!

  1. Welcome Home!!!

    It is good to have the both of you back – even if you are still far away.




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