Aaack! I’m getting behind on posting, but it’s been a bit hectic around here!
Alex and I are busy unpacking, organizing, going through the storage unit, wedding planning, visa obtaining, and trying to see all our friends and family!
In the meantime Honduras, as I’m sure you’ve heard, has a bit of drama going on which makes us concerned about our friends there and the hard drive on my computer has crashed leaving me minus many of the wedding plans/photos from the last sixth months/website bookmarks for visa information….good times. What’s a little stress on top of stress on top of stress!?!

Anyway, the point of this post is to let you know what I intend to post in the next few days or weeks if I figure out a better way to juggle all this:

-pictures from Utila…luckily my brother put those on his computer too so they are not lost forever (like our pictures from Mexico and Belize)
-some entertaining info about how we got home from the airport in Chicago
-an update an the situation in Honduras and how the super biased and uninformed Stateside news may not be as accurate as Americans like to think
-a poll helping us choose a new name for our blog! (start brainstorming…)
-pictures from my crazy surprise weekend in Vegas thanks to Lauren and Jess
-some of the things we are enjoying most about being home

so stay tuned……


One thought on “Whirlwind

  1. I was wondering when I would see pics of Vegas and the bachelorette party! Let me know if I can help with anything for the wedding. I am your personal attendant after all! 🙂


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