TidBit of the Day–Cable

We have cable TV. There are many different channels. Unlike most places in the States though, our channels do not all broadcast out of one particular area…or country for that matter. For instance….
We have ABC, NBC, and CBS….out of Colorado. This was especially annoying during election season when all the commercials were for local Coloradans who we would not be voting for.
We have MTV Latin America. It has more music videos than MTV in the States and also sometimes My Super Sweet Sixteen is in Spanish (not that I watch that show or anything…)
We have CNN World News Asia. That means this morning when they talked about Obama’s live speech from Cairo, they told us it would be on at 18:00…in Hong Kong. The reporters have British accents.
We also have local Honduran channels, a Guatevision channel, several channels from South America and a few extras from Asia. This is on top of the regular channels from the States like TNT and FX. Just because it’s from the States doesn’t mean it’s in English though….many of the cable channels from the States are dubbed all or part of the time. That means the dog whisperer speaks Spanish down here. 🙂

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