Nuestro Baúl de Caoba

It’s not thaaat big!

A view from the top.

It comes with an old fashioned key so we can lock secret stuff inside of it!

The plan is…
1. Fill it with clothes or other light-weight items
2. Wrap it with towels
3. Tape cardboard around it
4. Have it saran wrapped at the airport

3 thoughts on “Nuestro Baúl de Caoba

  1. It’s absolutely gorgeous. If I could carry it on my lap, I would just so it doesn’t get bumped around. What a lovely and generous gesture from your friends in Honduras.


  2. Beautiful chest! What a wonderful memory! Grandpa Hans often ended up carrying various things I had bought while traveling. The latest was a spinning wheel I received from a friend in Sweden. We took it apart, put pieces in our bags and then there was the wheel. It was too big so we constructed a box and hoped for the best. Happily when we arrived in Madison it came bouncing along on the baggage conveyor.


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