Rewind to before the Earthquake. Our Wedding Shower!

Wednesday night before the earthquake we went out to a party held for Caitlin and I. In fact I believe these kinds of things are called wedding showers. But don’t quote me as my familiarity with the lingo is not good. The party was organized by a bunch of our coworkers and held at Marcia’s house (Last years 8th grade Math Teacher). The party was wonderful, it included food, beer, wine, music and games. We had a delicious meal and enjoyed mingling with everyone. After dinner we had cake and then were given a wonderful gift. The surprised us with a gift certificate good for one mahogany chest. It was something that we had thought about getting before but decided was beyond our budget after seeing the price. The following day Jesse and Jenna took us to get the chest. It is now sitting in our house waiting to make the trip back to the U.S. It is absolutely beautiful and the best gift they could have gotten us. It will always remind us of our time in Honduras and the wonderful friendships we made. We will be posting pictures of the chest as soon as we have internet at home again.

Following the present and dinner we played a game were Caitlin and I had to take turns trying to answer questions that the other had already answered, to see how well we knew each other. Apparently we know each other equally well 13/25. Some of the questions and answers drew laughs from everyone. Following the game we were given advice about marriage from the other couples. The one piece of advice that was given by our coworker Travis, seems to have drawn the most laughs and hit close to home for some. His advice was as follows “Do not Dutch oven your wife no matter how funny you think it may be”. In case you need an explanation of what Dutch ovening is. It consists of farting under the covers and heating up the fart then lifting the blankets so it comes out in the recipients face. Everyone laughed, some genuinely, others nervously.

Caitlin cried so I was in charge of thanking everyone.


5 thoughts on “Rewind to before the Earthquake. Our Wedding Shower!

  1. Always they can dismantle it and fit in the overhead. They do that with some vehicles in Germany they make them assemble, disassemble and then assemble again in South Carolina. Efficiency? Is what the company claims. what is the difference with the mahogany chest


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