Terremoto = Earthquake
It’s Thursday morning at 2:30 I am woken up by the bed moving. My immediate thought is, “Alex, quit jumping on the bed!” but then I realize the walls are moving too. So in a disoriented, half-asleep panic, I wake Alex up. Luckily, he seems to be better than I am in a disoriented, half-asleep panicked state, because he immediately says, “Earthquake! Get in the doorway!” We run to the doorway and clutch on to the frame for what I swear feels like 3 minutes, but the news now says was about 30 seconds.
It was my first earthquake and it was terrifying!
Our power went out momentarily, but then came back on (luckily since it’s ridiculously hot right now and the thought of no AC or fans is brutal). Our internet has been out of service since about an hour after the quake. We came to school yesterday and then were sent home.
I know they have been broadcasting information in the States, but here are a few details from our end:
The quake was a 7.1 on the Richter scale and the epicenter was about 80 miles off the mainland coast.
There have been several small after shocks, which freak me out each time.
It is lucky that more people were not injured or killed. There have been some fatalities, but I was worried there would be a lot mroe based on the size of the quake and the population.
Many buildings around town are damaged. Yesterday we tried to go to the food court at the mall but it was closed because the ceiling was falling in. Then we tried to go to a hotel where we have a membership to the pool and the interior walls in the lobby were cracked all over. I’m sure many of you have seen pictures of the bridge in El Progreso which is one of the damages that will affect the most people.
Some good websites to check out if you want more information are:

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