Guys with Guns

It looks a bit crazy around San Pedro Sula right now. The 39th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) is today and yesterday and many of the participants have been in town since the weekend. This means that there is some massive security out and about.
Nearly every nice hotel in San Pedro Sula is booked up and surrounded by military, police officers, or swaht team members. In front of the Hilton, there are actually large metal fences blocking a lane of traffic on one road and the entire road blocked off on the other side in order to make a buffer zone around the hotel. A major roundabout near the mall is closed off and we watched cars going by with police escorts as we waited for a cab after dinner on Monday night.
Rumor has it that Hilary Clinton is actually staying on Roatan and coming in on a helicopter every day. Although I’ve also heard that she is just staying a 45 minute drive away in Puerto Cortes….
For more information check out these articles…..
On another note, I woke up to the bed shaking again last night. I immediately thought earthquake and once again wondered if Alex was jumping on the bed. The funny thing is that I rolled over and asked him and he said yes, it had been him…. What?!?! He didn’t remember any of that this morning.
So anyway, there was what I am assuming to be another after shock again last night. Either that or I am having some really vivid dreams.
There was also apparently some earthquakey activity yesterday that I managed not to notice…

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