Autobiography Maps

This year, I started my 8th graders off with symbolic maps about themselves. Because they knew me from last year, I had confidence that they would open up and include lots of personal things about themselves on their maps and I was not disappointed.
They began by brainstorming various memories from throughout their lives and several goals they have for the future. Then they created a map where the different events and goals would be symbolized by locations or land features. They were required to include at least 10 things about themselves and to have at least 7 different land features on their map. They also had to include a key for their land features and a unique compass.
Last year I was lucky to be able to purchase watercolor pencils and crayons so the students used those along with watercolor paints to add color to their maps. The last step included using permanent markers for place names and tiny details.
Their maps turned out beautiful, but even more than looking nice, I really like how personal and meaningful they are.


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