Armor Repousse

Suits of armor are always cool!
Sixth graders made these knights out of heavy gauge aluminum using ball point pens and wooden stylus sticks. Then we painted them with India ink, used “old people’s hair” to wipe it off, and added feathers to the helmuts. (in case you don’t speak sixth grader…”old people’s hair” is what they called the steel wool we used)
Now the school hallways are covered with our sixth army of medieval knights!


3 thoughts on “Armor Repousse

  1. great idea and great pictures, the “old peoples hair” got us for a minute until you explained.Sounded kind of weird and made me want to run for cover.


  2. These are terrific. I’ll bet the kids really had fun with this one. You just have the best ideas, Caitlin. I wish I was in your class.


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