Cayos Cochinos

We desperately needed a weekend at the beach so we decided to head to Cayos Cochinos. I took my parents and my aunt there last year and we loved it, but Alex hadn’t been (something that I’m sure has been bothering him since I could claim having been to every bay island and he couldn’t).
We jetted out of school on Friday and caught the bus to La Ceiba. From there we went straight to Helen’s in Sambo Creek, one of our favorite hotels in Honduras. The owner and her family are great, the hotel is pretty and clean and the restaurant has good food.
Saturday, we and a few other gringos took a boat out to Cayos Cochinos, little cays off the coast. We planned to snorkel, enjoy the beach, and eat traditional Garifuna food for lunch. Those three goals nearly turned out perfect!
While on the boat headed between the cays we saw dolphins! A pod of nearly 10 dolphins was swimming by so we followed in the boat and Alex, one of the guides, and I all threw ourselves out with snorkel gear to enjoy the water with them.
This is the point at which we noticed that lots and lots of jellyfish were also enjoying the water with the dolphins (hence the two previous posts with the lovely pictures of my arms).
As much as I itch right now, I still feel like it was totally worth it to be floating in the ocean while dolphins swam by.
The dolphins were also excellent because they made up for the fact that snorkeling was a no go for the day….unless we wanted to be lunch for the jellyfish.
Instead we headed to the beach, enjoyed the sun, and still got on of my favorite meals (fried fish, plantains, and red beans and rice).
It was very hard to come back to work on Monday, but an excellent mini-break before spring break in one more week!

Two boys in a boat

The weirdest thing about this picture is that the man who took it used to work with Alex’s stepdad’s mom… about a small world!

Me and the sea

Man, some trees can grow anywhere!


3 thoughts on “Cayos Cochinos

  1. I feel like I need a getaway too. I am going to Vegas for E’s bachelorette this weekend, but a beach trip would be nice. I really want to go to Disney World too. A lot!


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