Funny Kid Quote

This quote actually wouldn’t be funny at all if it weren’t for the fact that I am sometimes a little too quick to assume….

Today, my last period class was frantically cleaning up the room as the bell rang and several students were gathered around my desk turning in their projects. During the mayhem, a sixth grade boy is pleading to leave before the room is clean saying, “But Miss!! I need to leave early….Miercoles!”

Now, just like in English there are words in Spanish that infer something entirely different…kind of like saying “Fudge!!” when you are really not referring to the delicious chocolate treat. Miercoles is just such a word….meaning Wednesday, but sounding very similar to the start of a word that the afore mentioned student would get into deep trouble for saying.

Just as I’m turning to him with my stern face getting ready to lecture him on how it’s not appropriate to say that even if you aren’t actually saying the bad word he clarified that actually on Wednesdays he has to leave school right away because he has tennis.

The other kids at my desk thought this was quite entertaining and had a good laugh as they realized my mis-assumption. My tennis player still had to stay and help everyone clean up the room though.


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