Duct Tape Club

After the kids were done with their baskets, we still had a few weeks of the quarter left, so I decided to turn basket-making club into duct tape club.
With some inspiration from Alex’s own wallet, I went online and found directions for all sorts of different objects made out of that staple tape that’s good for everything.
Some kids made the “traditional” wallet, while others made bookmarks, picture frames, folders, cell phone cases, and even a tie!
They are dying to spend 4th quarter making the hammock we found online that calls for 23 rolls of the sticky stuff and I’m having a tough time convincing them that at $10 a roll, this is really not economically sound (especially when fabric hammocks cost about that much for a finished product at the market!)
Who knew that a roll of tape could lead to so many interesting middle school activities….!


One thought on “Duct Tape Club

  1. Have the kids seen the duct tape prom dresses yet? I think they are pretty cool. Glad to hear Alex is using his wallet ($7.95 at the local Ace hardware store.) It will be interesting to see if it lasts longer than a traditional wallet.Kathy/Mom


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