Baby for a Weekend

Our 8th graders have babies!!!

Through the counseling department and as part of the science curriculum, our 8th graders are having electronic babies. They are impressively real and therefor fairly creepy! Each class takes 2 full days worth of informative classes on all sorts of things having to do with the birds and the bees and then each kid becomes a single parent for the weekend. The first group started today and so far it has proven to be both highly entertaining and scary at the same time.
Each doll weighs approximately the same as a real baby and acts like a newborn, crying nearly every hour because it either needs to be fed, changed, held, rocked, burped, etc. The students wear a wristband that can’t be removed so that the electronic baby knows to respond to their parent and not someone else.
On Monday, the computer chip in each baby will print out a grade for the student showing whether they were a good parent or not. And yes, it is possible to kill one and fail the project if they are not careful!
So far the kids are finding this very entertaining (as are the teachers and parents), but I will be interested to find out if it’s a different story after 2 sleepless nights of waking up to take care of a tiny human shaped computer….I’ll keep you posted.

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