Marathon vs. EIS

One of the things our student council president promised during her campaign this year was a visit from a professional Honduran soccer team. She came through on her promise this week and brought Marathon, one of the teams based out of San Pedro Sula, to school to play a scrimmage against the kids and sign some autographs.
We took the morning on Thursday to bring our students down to the field and watch the match-up between the EIS Middle Schoolers and some pros. After a bit of a one way domination, the teams inter-mixed and our students had a chance to play along with the pros instead of against them.
Everyone was very excited and had a lot of fun and many went home with the souvenir of an autograph filled t-shirt.

Marathon has it’s own special bus! How come I never notice this thing driving around? You’d think it would stand out!!

A fabulous view of the middle school with the mountain in the background!

Action Shot!

The boys played first and then the girls had a chance too.

Some kids brought jerseys, but some just had their undershirt or PE shirt signed.

photos courtesy of Dan and his fancy new camera!


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