The Inuit people have about a million words for snow, and I have now realized that there is an opposite type of situation in Honduras….a million things that the word Huevo can mean.

Yesterday a student came to borrow something from my room. I always make them leave something in exchange…watch, shoe, earring, cell phone…so that they remember to bring my stuff back. This seventh grader was in the process of taking off her earrings when she asked who left their “huevito.” I’m looking around my desk wondering where I have a small egg when she points at my cell phone. Ooooh…my tiny cheapo cell phone can also be referred to as a huevito…I would assume because of the shape…

I previously posted a vocabulario about a student who explained that “hueva” means lazy. So that means that even just with my small amount of slang knowledge, I know that variations of the word huevo can be used as a nickname, or as a way to say egg (obviously), lazy, some male anatomy, cell phone, and with the correct added letters as a rude thing to call someone else.

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