Somos Famosos!

Well maybe not famous, but we are in the paper today!
Our holiday party was Tuesday night (I swear I’m planning another post about that) and a photographer from La Prensa was there! La Prensa is one of the big newspapers in SPS.
We are the third picture when you’re clicking through them. Our names are wrong, but those are definitely our faces….check it out!

2 thoughts on “Somos Famosos!

  1. OK, which one of you was Marguerita, or was that what you were drinking? You both look great. Wowser of a print- hot pink, black, and white. Ties in Honduras? No parkas? Is it still “cold” there? High of 22 degrees here today. L, ATC


  2. Those names are actually all people who work in the library at school. My guess would be that they had their picture taken too and the names were put with the wrong ones back at La Prensa’s office….that or they just couldn’t figure out a name like Caitlin O’Neal so they picked a different one….


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