We have a bench!

So, I’m a little obsessed with our backyard and making it look cute. I planted the garden, I got tiki torches, I put up lights, and then I even got a bench!
I knew I wanted something adirondack style and that I didn’t want to spend much money…entirely possible here if I looked in the right place.
Figuring out “the right place” was another story entirely.
After an entire Saturday of driving around with Jesse and Jenna I finally found this bench for about $22 in the market. I was so excited that I was practically near tears (maybe a little extreme for a bench, but it had been a long day).
Getting it home proved to be quite the task….The locals were quite entertained as they watched 3 gringos tie a bench to the roof of a car and then crawl in the windows.

The next step in the buying a bench process was staining and sealing it, which ended up costing more than the bench itself! We made 3 different trips to 2 different hardware stores and I spent several afternoons making a mess in the backyard.
The final product is totally worth it though and we’re looking forward to spending some quality time enjoying our backyard.


One thought on “We have a bench!

  1. Hey, what’s that little, dark, ratty thing sitting on your lap? Why are you looking so happy about it? It has such huge ears. It is so skinny and shiny. I do not like it. Not one bit.


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