Funny Kid Quote

Today, as I was talking to a seventh grader, I said something sarcastic and teasing (I know, totally unlike me). I’d tell you what it was exactly, except that I forgot. Anyway…
His response?
“That news is like meeting the woman of your dreams and then meeting her husband.”

3 thoughts on “Funny Kid Quote

  1. 7th graders – – – so is hard to imagine that Tommy will be a 7th grader in just 2 yrs.he is so far from even admitting that girls might be ok.Can we send him to you and Alex when he gets to 7th grade? His spanish is improving. I’ve also been teaching him some Swedish in anticipation of Hans’ sister and husband coming to visit this week. He did fine except he refused to say the number 6 in Swedish. Can’t imagine why.Kathy/mom


  2. It’s like rain on your wedding dayIt’s a free ride when you’ve already paidIt’s the good advice that you just didn’t takeAnd isn’t it ironic…don’t you thinkA little too ironic…and, yeah, I really do think…


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