Estamos Comprometidos

Alex and I headed off to Roatan this weekend for what I thought was just a much needed break from school.
Little did I know that Alex had a surprise up his sleeve!
Our already wonderful weekend plan got even better when Alex proposed on Friday night.
As he got down on one knee holding a little white box, I of course said yes…and then cried a whole bunch!
We aren’t planning the wedding for any time soon…too hard so far from home, but we are very glad to have taken this step together.

2 thoughts on “Estamos Comprometidos

  1. Thank you Caitlin and Alex for sharing this wonderful moment in your lives. Congratulations and best wishes!!! We are very happy for you!


  2. Hi guys!Congratulations! We are very happy for you. The picture is very nice – hope you had a nice dinner and weekend. We’ll be looking forward to the wedding – what fun!Lots of love,Mom/Kathy


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