Volcan Masaya

During our stay in Granada we took several mini-trips, including this one to Volcan Masaya. A shuttle bus drove us to the top of the crater where we had a chance to hike around the top and, once the sun set, go down into some caves/tunnels that were formed from the volcanic activity. I have since forgotten much of what the guide said about how the volcano and the caves were formed (in one ear out the other….bad teacher, bad!), but if you have questions I’m sure I can get Jesse to fill me in on the answers!

Checkin’ out the crater. That is poinsonous smoke flowing out from the center. Suprisingly, depsite all the smoke, there were about a million bugs at this spot.

Jenna, Jesse and Alex in the lookout hut.

Looking down into the crater.

Jenna and I were good little cavers with our helmets on….and check out my handy headlamp!

The guide took us to see this entrance to the caves since all the bats were beginning to come out for the night. Do to the massive amounts of traffic though, we opted to enter at another location.

Alex’s helmet had a chin strap….too cool! Although I’m wearing my long sleeved shirt like an 80’s prep school geek so I suppose I shouldn’t be talking…

Jesse and a bat…and apparently a tough attitude too.


The science teacher that he is, Jesse wanted to bring home a lava rock to show his students in Honduras. He asked the shuttle bus driver to pull over on our way down the mountain so he could pick one out and they obviously thought he was crazy when he got back in the bus with this huge one!


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