Las Isletas

While in Granada we decided to take a half day boat trip to some small islands in Lake Nicaragua. The plan had been for all of us to go but unfortunately Caitlin was hit with Moctezuma’s Revenge (Don’t ask me what he was doing in Nicaragua but he hit nasty). We postponed the trip hoping she would get better but the following day she still felt she couldn’t handle being on a boat for a few hours without having a disaster. So Roberta, Jesus, Vicente and myself (Alex) went on and took the trip. The trip consisted of going to an old small Spanish fort, then swinging by an island with monkeys and finally stopping to have a drink on a final island before heading back. Just so you don’t get confused these islands range in size and are no bigger then a couple of lots.

Sign on the Spanish Fort.

Oriole nests

Spider monkey coming for food.

A spider monkey and a Capuchin monkey.

Spider Monkeys

Vicente deciding it was better to eat the cookie instead of throwing it to the monkeys.

Spider Monkey named Pancho.

Vicente and Dad on the final island where we stopped to have a drink and play with the parrots.

One of the small islands we did not stop at but went by.

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