Volcan Mombacho

Nicaragua is full of Volcanoes!
Volcan Mombacho is just a little ways outside of Granada so we signed up for a day trip. This entailed a shuttle bus ride to an army vehicle, a stop at a coffee plantation, a hike, then back on the army vehicle to take us back to the shuttle bus. Volcan Mombacho is dormant so instead of crazy lava and smoke, we enjoyed looking at cloud forest inside of one of its four craters. We had also hoped to see some animal wildlife and were rewarded with some pretty cool bugs.
Check out the pictures!

The Lopez Boys

Transporting some lava rocks while we wait for the truck to the edge of the crater.

That’s the old army truck we rode to the top. Once we got on our way, we completely understood why such a hardcore form of transportation was necessary.

The road was suuuper steep! There were times I was worried the truck would flip over backward even though Jesse explained all the angles to me and assured me it wasn’t possible.

Hang on tight! Somehow Vicente managed to fall asleep in the truck on the way back down the volcano…impressive since it felt like riding in a tank on moguls.

The trail we hiked had great scenery for us to enjoy along the way.

Our guide took us in this crevice area to explain how the volcano formed and the way the plant life is taking over now that the volcano is dormant.

Alex and Vicente in front of one of the craters.

Alex in the selva.

Checkin’ out a beetle.


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