In celebration of Independence Day and Teacher Appreciation Day we got an entire week off of school….sweet! So Alex’s family came down to visit, we hopped in a rental car and we all headed to Nicaragua. After many many hours in the car and 1 flat tire, our first resting spot was León, a town with a million old churches and some cute park areas. Here are some pictures:

On the road!

Nicaragua has lots of different volcanoes!
Here’s the highest active one in the whole country, San Cristóbal, which we drove past on our way to Leon.

A yellow church.

A gray church.

There were lots of Lion statues all over the city since León=Lion en español.

They sell beer in liters in Nicaragua….it was not hard to convince us to order some.

There was a children’s festival going on in the parque central when we were wandering around town. We enjoyed our liters of beer next to the carousel.

This church was much higher than most of the other ones in town and left us with a great view looking back on the city once we had climbed all those steps.

Gettin’ dark, time to head back to the hotel for some dinner!

2 thoughts on “León

  1. Caitlin what you did not figure out is that we had the choice of flat tires, bent rims, craters on the road, police barricades or the alternative a good breeze in the roof of the bus. If you wonder why those guys seemed to be standing on the roof is because the bumps, beers and bladders do not mix well. I leave to the imagination of the readers the rest. The other option is that they may be practicing for Cirque DuSoleil as trapeze artists or some kind of balancing act. It is hope for them in the entertainment business


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