Corn Festival

September 12th was Corn Festival at E.I.S. and I managed to get a few pictures and videos so you could see what a typical festival day is like at school. We had a half day with a performance and some eating…all very excellent things!

We began with all the middle and high schoolers in the Cafetorium (the indoor gym) for a music and dance concert. For some reason it seemed like there were a lot more middle schoolers than high schoolers….wonder where all those older kids were!?

This video is of a group of Garifuna drummers and dancers that performed. There was also traditional Honduran dancing, but I didn’t think to get them on tape!

This video’s for you Dad!

After the performance we headed out to the field in front of the school for a little snack. Different tents were set up with food and drinks to enjoy. I was devastated that they were already out of corn dogs when I got there and had to settle for an “enchilada” (a hard tortilla with some meat and cheese on it) and a homemade popsicle.

Resting on a rock and waiting until we could leave for lunch! After the kids went home all the middle school teachers headed out for lunch to celebrate teacher appreciation day.

Alex and some of his students from last year. Turns out that at this point in the year it’s still cool to talk to your former eighth grade teachers…we’ll see how long that continues for….

Here are Dan, Anah, Jesse, and Jenna gathered under a tent for a break from the sun. Do you like our new yellow middle school staff shirts?

2 thoughts on “Corn Festival

  1. Well those yellow shirts make you look like WASPS (I think you can choose if you want the acronym or the insect).Well it looks like it was a great festival, sorry we did not make it.


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