The Culprit

Just look at how chubby he is!
His belly is full of green bean leaves with a basil accompaniment!


4 thoughts on “The Culprit

  1. He is a healthy looking iguana, that’s for sure. You made him very happy. I can’t tell you how many people have gotten a real kick out of this story. They all think I’m going to say “rabbits ate her beans.” But noooooo. And of course, we’re all clueless in Wisconsin as to what might repel iguanas from your garden.


  2. I think he would look cuter with bunny ears. We had bunnies in our yard once – Alex can tell you how that story ended.Out here we have some kind of gopher/ground squirrel. The facilities manager is busy putting up barn owl houses. Maybe that will help. Do barn owls eat lizards?Kathy/mom


  3. Hello lil-spit tn-image of her mom! It’s LyN Louise here. I can’t tell you how much I empathize with you in your travail against Mother Nature’s critters!!! I absolutely adore Mother Nature, not the least of which for her supremacy and ‘in charge’ attitude. However, and this is huge, she needs to corral her critters and keep them in check. If she can’t, then she needs to turn the job over to a ‘Louise’ who, most assuredly, can and WILL be large and in charge. I’ve fought more than my fair share of critters run amuck; blue tailed skink in my massage room, for cry’n outloud!!! Keep up the good fight, dearie.!! Much love and admiration for your chutzpah!!


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