Trauma en el Jardín

Well, it may be even longer before you see pictures of the garden as there has been a fiasco. Apparently the family of iguanas that live in our backyard are quite big fans of green beans….as in they ate all of them.
3 days ago,
I went out to water and was excited to see plants 5 inches tall with big beautiful leaves on them!
2 days ago,
I went out to water and not a single leaf was left. The iguanas had themselves a grand old time munching on all of the tops of my grean bean plants. My garden was left with mere 4 inch stems sticking out of the dirt.
1 day ago,
I went out to water and to make sure they hadn’t started in on the tomatoes, but I quickly found out they hadn’t quite finished with the green beans yet. Where there were 4 inch stems the day before, there are now only half inch nubs sticking out of the ground.
I’m nervous for what I will find after school today!
So, what started as a simple seed planting project has now grown into a full blown gardening extravaganza with the next step being screens to keep out the lizards. At least it’s another excuse to go to the hardware store!

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