New Digs

We moved this year! Our new place is a bit smaller, but is newer and closer to school. It took a few weeks for us to get unpacked and settled in, but now that we have our stuff in the drawers and things hanging on the walls, it feels just like home! Here are a few pictures so you can see the new digs:

Our entryway/laundry area. The washing machine has it’s own special closet right next to the front door. We also have our own personal parking spot with electric garage door right outside that window…not something we need, but handy when Jesse comes to visit in his new car.

La Cocina!
One of the best things about the newer apartment is the newer appliances. Our stove doesn’t shock me every time I cook and the fridge has lots of shelves and drawers. The sink is to the left after you walk in the room. There’s a little window over it that looks out onto our parking lot.

Our spare bedroom. This room only had a twin bed when we moved in so we requested a double bed instead. When they brought the double, they didn’t take the twin with them…perfect! Now you and your 2 best friends can all come visit us! You have to bring your own twin sized sheets though…we don’t have any.
Other than as a spare bedroom, this room is currently used for ironing, storing all my clothes and as a workout room when I do my kickboxing dvd.

Here’s my massive closet in the spare bedroom. There wasn’t enough space for all our clothes in the master bedroom so I took over these closets instead. We had to get a stool so that I could reach the top shelves!

Bathroom #1…across from the kitchen. The master bathroom is similar, with a larger counter area and an additional closet.

Standing near the kitchen, looking toward the living room/dining room area. Our apartment is on the end of the complex so we get an extra window because no one is next to us!

Looking into the house from the back patio area. We are currently accumulating colorful blankets at various markets we visit in order to liven up the lovely brown color of our couches.

Looking from the living room toward the front of the apartment. The first door on the left is the master bedroom and the door in the back is the spare bedroom. Our kitchen is through that window in the wall.

Out the patio door and to the right.
The previous residents bought a dryer and weren’t able to sell it to anyone so we inherited it. We prefer to line-dry our clothes, but are still in the process of hanging clothes lines (complicated when there are no current hooks and the walls are made of cement). Once the lines are up, we will hopefully only use the dryer for a few items.

Part of the backyard. Lately we have been accumulating backyard accessories so that we can use the space more. So far we have the tiki torches you see above as well as a wooden table. Now we just need some outdoor chairs and some icicle lights.
My garden goes around the corner on the other side of the planters. Also, notice our 3 foot machete that Alex bought to cut the lawn with…it’s slow going.

2 thoughts on “New Digs

  1. Your new place looks really nice! Fun! How is the new school year? Mine is way better than last year! But grad school is making me very very busy…


  2. Well we manage to get here and brought the extra twin sheets , then no need to bring more. This is a message from Vicente typed in the same room you are looking at i9ii8yg6gchytbtvgfr vvv v . b hhhhhhhyhnyh. I love you Alex and Caitlin


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