TidBit of the Day-Speedbumps

Speedbumps are no joke here in Honduras. In fact they are so hardcore that they are made out of metal instead of cement like those wussy ones back in the States. Rather than a long asphalt bump, many of the speedbumps here are a series of metal bumps that span across the road. They are so severe that a complete stop is practically necessary to pass over them. This may remind you of some of the speedbumps in parking lots near your neighborhood. The concept is similar, except imagine them not just in your local parking lots, but on the highways as well. While this obviously slows traffic down, drivers better make sure to pay attention or some serious automobile damage is possible.

While some areas of the school grounds have these lovely metal speedbumps, we do still have the good old asphalt bumps too. A few weeks ago after they had been installed a friend of ours tried to drive her car over one and helped the workers realize that they had made it a bit too tall. The car bottomed out and the whole undercarriage dragged along the speedbump!

Yet another fun aspect of these speedbumps are the ones that happen to be missing a bump or two. This leads to drivers swerving into oncoming traffic in attempt to line their tires up with the gaps in the speedbump. Much better to risk a head-on collision than have to slow down for the bump, right? Fortunately, this speedbump swerving is so common that it is anticipated by other drivers and accidents seem to be avoided (not to say that I’m not a little worried in the back of the taxi!).


One thought on “TidBit of the Day-Speedbumps

  1. I saw portable speed bumps in San Miguel. Someone would have about ten of them to chuck on the road surrounding their cart to protect it from traffic. That way they could move around the city, setting up shop wherever they found room in regular traffic patterns. We’re not talking big highways here but downtown streets. Quite handy I’d say.


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