La Playa

About an hours drive from León, on a crazy pothole-filled road, is the beach of las Peñitas. We took a break from the sweltering heat of León to enjoy this dark sand beach and some crazy waves. It was my first time swimming in the Pacific someplace south of Northern California and let me tell you it was quite a bit warmer! We found ourselves a little restaurant for our homebase and spent the afternoon body surfing in the waves. Not a bad way to spend a Monday!

Vicente and Batman, hanging at the beach.

Looking north from the restaurant.

We rented boogie boards since the surfing seemed a little intimidating. I really only “boogied” about 3 waves though before my nose was completely filled with water and I had lost my suit twice. Turns out I much preferred to just jump into the waves when they were at about mid-thigh level. There was a serious undertow so the closer to shore I was the better.

Alex on the other hand was a boogie boarding maniac! He and Jesse had a great time playing out waaaay too deep in my opinion!

We climbed out on these rocks to check out the mass amounts of blue crabs when we first got to the beach, but as the tide started coming in the waves really started to take over. I hope the crabs held on tight!

One thought on “La Playa

  1. Well no doubt that the trip from the beginning (with the Walenda family on top of the roof) and roads full of craters and the maniac waves ripping swimming suits. The trip started full of adventure.What about police barricades looking for fire extinguishers and bribing them with a bottle of water.


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