More of the Capitol City

Many of the older buildings around the city have been converted into museums.

We had a chance to visit a Camera Obscura….super cool…especially because I learned all about them in an Art History class in college. Click on the link for more information, but the basics are that it is a room with a peep hole/dark room device that creates a live projection of a 360 degree view outside. We were able to see all around the city, watch cars drive by, and people walking on the sidewalk in the plaza below! This is a view looking out from the roof while we waited our turn to view the image.

Back on the ground again, looking up at the Camera Obscura.

At an old castle…it even has a moat!

A view of the artesania market from the Castillo. We did lots of shopping here!

The National Hotel…sounds like an excellent spot for another drink stop!

The “backyard” of the National Hotel.

Another section of the “backyard.”

We found a micro-brewery!
Live music and dark beer in a colonial courtyard….

Me and Alex watching the sunset with the fort in the background.

Sunset by the fort included these fishermen on the edge of the seawall.

And these fishermen floating in innertubes.

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