Cool Cars

This summer during our travels we saw some cool cars and thought we would share them with you. I thought I would post this one since Caitlin has been posting the other ones. I know it is a little out of order and there will be more coming do not worry. I didn’t label the cars because I didn’t know what all of them were. If you recognize one please comment and I will post accordingly.

Oldsmobile with a Bride

The Car without the Bride

Caitlin and a Pink Ford

Cool looking Taxi convertible

The car we rode in.

3 thoughts on “Cool Cars

  1. Thank you Alex for the display of those beautiful American cars from late 1940’s and early 1950’s. I was waiting for a Chevy from 1949 for comparison to the one I have. It is interesting to watch, how well the bodies(!) hold up in the warm weather down south. And, of course, with good maintenance!Nice to see that you and Caitlin are back with your Hondoland blog. We like it very much. /Grandpa Hans


  2. Pretty cool although I have no idea what kind they are except for “old”.I don’t see any old vw bugs! (I also liked the “muscleman” crossing sign.) The canal looks really impressive.Love,mom


  3. It is nice to see that these people are able to keep their cars in excellent shape. As Hans pointed out with good maintenance. Who needs the new hummers and all these cars that are killing our world. This is a proof that still we can enjoy things in the old way


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