Catarata Pulhapansak

Pulhapansak is a waterfall about an hour outside of San Pedro Sula. When Jess and Jesse came to visit last December, we took a taxi out to the falls and went for a little adventure tour/swim. Our guide took us behind the falls, into a cave, and showed us where to jump off into the pools at the bottom of the falls. The whole experience was incredibly fun and wet!!! The pictures are a little belated since we were using a film underwater camera and Jess and Jesse had to bring it back to the States to get the pictures developed. Now that we have them in digital format, here they are for your enjoyment!

A view of the falls

At the entrance to a cave behind the falls. The guy on the right is our guide.

A view out from behind the falls. Our guide recommended keeping our heads down and breathing through our mouths so that we didn’t get water up our noses! The water seemed to be coming from all directions and I can honestly say I have never been so soaked in my life.

Jess jumping into the pool below the falls.

Me jumping off.

Alex, Me, Jess, and Jesse in front of the waterfall.

3 thoughts on “Catarata Pulhapansak

  1. Se ve que trabajas bajo condiciones estresantes, te envidiamos. SaludosFernando, Nina, Fer, Malicha y Julieta


  2. Hi Alex and CaitlinI am checking your blog from Corsica so hopefully you will get a new dot. Happy summer travels and be careful!Kathy/Mom


  3. Hola. Hope you two made it safely home from your travels. I have been thinking about you. I wanted to be sure you have plenty of visitors on your map, so I thought I would send a note from San Miguel. Hope you are settling in and getting ready for a good school year. They are so lucky to have teachers such as you in San Pedro.


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