Settling In

Well, here we are back in San Pedro Sula with only 1 more day left of vacation! We had a fabulous summer, got to see lots of people, and enjoyed traveling to some incredible new places. Pictures of those trips are coming soon….

Some basic updates:
We are in a new apartment this year. This new place is closer to school and more recently built. It took awhile, but we finally finished unpacking this morning and are starting to feel more at home. All we have left to do is hang up all our miscellaneous artwork on the walls. Once everything is up, I will take pictures and post them so you can all see our new digs.

The first day we have to be back at school is Tuesday!! This week is teacher prep and professional development time, first day with students is Monday, August 18th. I am ridiculously unprepared as I have been much more concerned with organizing and arranging our apartment. Although we are both sad to see the summer end, it will be fun to see everyone at school again.

We currently do not have internet installed at our house. The cable company is scheduled to come tomorrow and after that it should be much easier for us to catch up on everything we haven’t posted for the last month. (Right now we are bumming internet off Jesse’s neighbors, but it’s a little slow so I’m going to postpone the picture uploading)

Check back soon for more travel and SPS updates!


2 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Hi you two,Welcome home! (Kind of – at least for the next year.) I kind of like it when the school year starts – like a fresh start. I don’t know if teachers feel that way too. Tommy starts in just two weeks. Fifth grade – can you believe it?Love,kathy/mom


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