Diving in Guanaja

This past weekend we went to the last bay island Guanaja.  The island is the farthest east and is the hardest to get to as it requires a plane.  While there Jesse and I decided to take a couple of dives to see what it was like.  For the most part the aquatic life was similar to the other islands but the coral was a little brighter and our second dive we got a chance to dive through some of the caverns that the coral had formed.  We unfortunately did not get to dive where there is black coral because the wind was strong and had been strong for a couple of weeks making it difficult to get to those dive spots.  The strong wind also meant strong current and more sediment floating in the water which hurt the visibility but we still managed to get a couple of shots. 
 We also went snorkeling while on the island which is were some of the other pictures are from as you will see these pictures have a little bit better color.  Caitlin did manage to see a little turtle as we were diving but it swam off before I got a chance to see it, however she did get a nice picture of it and since it was close to the surface the colors are a little better.

Squirrel fish that I saw on the dive which was different because it was mostly white with a little bit of red instead of mostly red with a little bit of white

.Picture of the coral coming out of one of the swim throughs.

Me under one of the coral overhangs.

Barracuda we saw while snorkeling. 

The turtle Caitlin saw while snorkeling but scared off before we could see it.  Boy is she good at Adobe photoshop, I almost believed her.

A French Angelfish

Some of the Crevices we swam through on the dives.

Jesse swimming around a corner

A picture of the caverns with light coming through.  And you wonder why I’m addicted to diving.

A nice shot of coral

A Triggerfish named after it’s fin shape.

Swimming through the coral.

4 thoughts on “Diving in Guanaja

  1. All of these pictures are making me so excited for coming down next month!! Caitlin…get ready to do some major tanning 🙂 See you guys soon!– Danielle


  2. Caitlin…I’m looking at your blog and it is beautiful!! I am inspired to do one of these this summer when I go to China to teach for two months.Your photos are incredible.Ray LaPoint


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