The eighth graders have finished up their tessellations! We learned about M.C. Escher, three types of tessellations, and how to shade something so that it looks 3-D. I also mixed a little color theory in there and required them to color half their tessellation with warm colors and the other half with cool. As far as creating a shape to tessellate, we used a rotation technique with a 3×3 piece of cardstock. Students made several unique shapes and then had to figure out what they looked like (creative thinking here people!). My advice to them was…if you add enough details you can make it look like anything! Here are a few examples:


One thought on “Tessellations

  1. Caitlin, these are really terrific. I know you’ve done this lesson a number of times, and it always seems to be successful. It lends itself to a lot of different learning techniques. They should be very proud of their impressive work! And you for teaching them. Okay, if they aren’t proud of you, I certainly am.


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