Guanaja is the bay island that is furthest from the mainland in Honduras. There are no motor vehicles in Guanaja and it is most easily accessible only by tiny prop plane (like 18 passengers). The only other way to get there is by getting someone who has a boat to drive you over from Roatan.
One of the most interesting parts of Guanaja is the only town, called Bonacca. This town is built on a small cay in the bay off of Guanaja. There are somewhere between 1500 and 2000 people that live on this tiny little island. There are skinny “roads” and tons of houses and businesses. Buildings are on stilts and everything has been so built up that there is barely a free inch of land left! While Bonacca is intriguing, we decided it would be more peaceful to stay on the other side of the island at a little place called Bo’s.

Bo’s is a bed and breakfast type of hotel. It’s located on a practically deserted stretch of beach so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. It was perfectly relaxing and beautiful…just what we needed for a long weekend off of school!

Looking down on the coral reef from the plane as we approached Guanaja.

Our cabin.
The second and third floors are set up like a house and rented out. We had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, 3 porches, and a kitchenette area.

Headed to the beach!

The Green Flash Bar…where we ate all our meals for the weekend (aka the only “restaurant” on the whole strip of beach).

Hanging in the hammocks underneath the bar.

Jesse and I reading books on the porch of our cabin.

Matchy Matchy!

I named this little one “Belle.” She hung out with us all weekend!

Alex and “Belle”

“Magic” is helping Alex relax.

The dogs accompanied us on every walk we went for. They enjoyed “protecting” us as we walked by the house down the beach that also happened to have a dog.

Fishing boats on the way to Bonacca.

A view of Bonacca.
…and I admit this photo isn’t mine and since I’m currently trying to teach the kids about plagiarism and copyright, here’s the website I got it from.
Just wanted to you see how crazy built up the tiny little cay is!

Alex in the waiting room at the airport. When it got closer to our departure time they opened the concession stand to sell chips and sodas.

There’s our plane back to the mainland! We knew it was time to board the plane because a lady stood at the end of the sidewalk and shouted to everyone that it was time to get on the plane. Like any of the planes we have taken to the islands, the seats were first come first serve and you can watch the pilots as they maneuver the controls.

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