Keith Haring

6th graders just finished up a project about Keith Haring. They learned about the artist, his life, and his style of drawing people who seem to be moving in a simplistic way. We practiced drawing people in motion and then created these fun posters with acrylic paints.

Dance Party!

Soccer Game

Red wins the race

And one of my absolute favorites which seems to be a gangster throwing people off a cliff! The best part about this one is that one of the nicest, quietest kids in the class made it.
It makes me laugh:)

2 thoughts on “Keith Haring

  1. What great pictures! Grandpa and I had a little chuckle.All are good but we liked the dance party. Hans wishes he had had an art teacher like you, Caitlin when he was in school.


  2. Hi Caitlin and Alex,Thanks for the update. Your kids do nice work. I’ve seen Haring’s paintings but never known what his name was – so I am learning things from your blog! Is it still hot there?


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