Cheeto is famous!

I won’t mention any names here…Alex…but some people may say I’m obsessed with my cat, honestly though, I just can’t help missing the little guy!
Our school comes out with a magazine each bimester to highlight some of the activities going on around campus and the latest issue had Art as a theme. I submitted several pictures of student artwork and students working in the art room. When I walked into the lounge and saw a copy laying on the table, I was delighted to find Cheeto on the cover! One of the students drew him for a sketchbook assignment earlier this year and now here he is, emblazoned forever in high gloss color!
The other projects from my kids on the front are the flower and the soccer scene!

Alex and Ryan also have a half page spread in the inside showing off their lovely mohawks.

ps…if you click on the picture, it will get bigger and you can read what it says!


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