A Fishing Adventure

One of our mornings in Roatan started bright and early. We tagged along with a local fisherman on his boat at 5:30am! We had a chance to enjoy the island before anybody else was awake, see the sunrise, catch some fish, and learn about how a local fishing operation works. Although we didn’t bring in any big catches, it was a fun and pretty way to spend a morning.

On the boat and ready to go!

Waiting patiently.

One of my favorite parts about the fishing trip was getting to watch the sun rise over the island.

The tuna that Alex reeled in.
It was too small to eat, but our fisherman guide kept it for bait.

Kathy reeling in a fish!

A view from the boat.

Matt reeling in one of the side lines.

Our boat.

2 thoughts on “A Fishing Adventure

  1. Glad you had a great time when you finally dealt with the transportation. I had two planes with mechanical problems on the trip to Portland; must be a transportation epidemic of some sort. Everyone says ‘Hi.”Tommy’s a real trooper, and yes, your underwater shots are even better. ATC


  2. That tuna didn’t look that small. I know they can get big but how big before you can eat them? The scenery looks warm and heavenly.


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