Underwater Fun

While we were in Roatan for Semana Santa we had lots of chances for some underwater fun. Between diving and snorkeling, we got some great pictures of the underwater sea-life. Our underwater photography skills appear to be improving too since things turned out a little bit more colorful, in focus, or just better in general.
Here are just a few of the best shots:

Pretty blue water.

Me and Matt snorkeling.

Super colorful fish

Alex checking out the coral.
He loves to dive down and see things up close even when we’re snorkeling.

Alex takes beautiful pictures!

Alex and Tommy
This trip was Tommy’s first time snorkeling and he was excellent at it! He was able to see a sting ray and all sorts of tropical fish. He also became quite the underwater miner as he dug for rocks and shells in the sandy bottom.

Spotted snake eel
About 4 feet long, this eel both intrigued and terrified me!

Hawk-billed sea turtle
Alex saw this turtle on his first dive of the week. It was a young turtle, about two feet long.

Moray Eel

Cool blue coral

Another giant sea turtle
Alex and I both saw this turtle when we went diving together. It was giant! I swear it was 5 feet long, but Alex says more like 3.5 feet…

Cool looking fish

Eagle Ray
Alex saw two different eagle rays this past week, but this is the one that I saw during my dive. Alex grabbed on to my tank and swam as hard as he could toward the ray so that I could get a closer picture.

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