Tengo Cortinas!

After 3 months my curtains are installed….with a lot of help from the Industrial Arts teacher.
They are purple and obviously don’t keep out much light, but work well as a decorative touch.
Also, when I was hanging them I figured out why they were on sale…they aren’t cut straight so some panels are longer than others. After some minor adjusting, I got them to look a little more normal and I am now enjoying them immensely!

ps…Also notice the grass outside my room!

The dirt field we had is being systematically covered with sod. This is a huge deal in Honduras, as grass is usually planted one piece at a time (not the seeds, the actual pieces of grass)…or at least that is how it was explained to me and Alex.

The kids are highly entertained by the crew of workers using wheelbarrows to transport the grass and lay it out. They begin in the parking lot above the school, load each wheelbarrow to the absolute maximum and then run down the hill with it. By my estimation about 1 in 3 make it down the hill without losing control and crashing their wheelbarrow. The kids think it’s a hoot and the workers laugh at each other as they careen down the hill.

The sod is almost finished being laid out, and now the maintenance staff is watering like mad so the grass doesn’t die. We’re loving the green view and I know the kids are excited to get out there and play some soccer on it.


One thought on “Tengo Cortinas!

  1. congratulations on your curtains,they look great! Loved the story about the men laying the sod.Do they know they are being watched by the student?


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