Volcan Pacaya

Volcan Pacaya is the fourth tallest volcano in Guatemala…it is also the most active. The hike up the volcano was about 3 km long and about a 1 km change in elevation. Breathing was definitely difficult at the already very high altitude as we hiked even higher! Our guide was excellent, pointing out and explaining different vegetation along the way. He spoke a tiny bit of English so Jenna and I were excited to be understanding most of what he said in Spanish. He told us about how people used to hike much higher up on the volcano, but since an eruption in 2000 it has become much more dangerous. Although we felt so far away from the volcano when we were hiking, once we got to the lava field it all made sense. Even so far from the volcano itself, the lava is still red hot and flowing. These pictures will give you an idea…
On the hike up…
Alex on the lava.
Lava rock rolls and my very dirty foot….it was a little dusty on the hike up!
Lava Field
This is about as close as we could get without frying…notice how red Alex’s face is!

The guide put a stick near the lava and it caught on fire just from how hot the air was!

pacaya2I am making that face because the hair on my arms is burning!!!
There were little patches of glowing lava everywhere.
Feelin’ hot hot hot.
Sunset from the volcano.

4 thoughts on “Volcan Pacaya

  1. Looks hot! I’m surprised you didn’t bring marshmallows – but maybe they don’t have them in Honduras. Is there any attempt to use any of that energy from the volcano? Seems like it could heat a lot of houses. mom/kathy


  2. GOOD GRIEF! How do you know you’re not stepping on something that will incinerate you? That looks awfully HOT and close. What else might you have on your list of things to see and do while you are in Central America? Let’s see, hurricanes, hot lava, big spiders, sharks (as in whale)… I don’t even want to think about some of the other possibilities. Can’t wait for the sawdust pictures. Doesn’t sound dangerous.


  3. Lava? Flip-flops? That is NOT THE BEACH!Can’t wait to see what you’re taking to the art competition. Plus the capital itself. Hope you get a chance to look around a bit. Are you taking students? Just bought two small used rugs from Turkistan. Don’t know about the sawdust carpet, but can definitely relate to the dust part.atc


  4. I always wanted to go to a volcano. I thought maybe Hawaii one day… but who knows, maybe Honduras. I was looking at flights the other day (just random because I would probably have to wait until next spring break and it is too far off) but if I drove to Miami, which is about 7 hours or something, flights are like $250 or something! We’ll see, maybe if someone drives it with me…


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