We headed back to Antigua, Guatemala for a second time this past weekend. We really liked Antigua the first time we were there, but we barely had enough time to do anything! So this time we took Monday off for “mental health” reasons and got ourselves a three day weekend.
Friday night consisted of 8 hours in a bus to get to Guatemala City. Then, on Saturday morning we took a chicken bus to Antigua…about an hour away. We spent Saturday afternoon hiking around Volcan Pacaya, and all day Sunday enjoying sawdust carpets. Monday morning started early…up at 3:30 to catch a 4am ride in a microbus back to Copan, then a regular bus from Copan to San Pedro Sula. We were home by 2pm Monday, but also completely exhausted. Good thing we only teach 3 days this week before we are off to Tegucigalpa for the National Art Competition!
Antigua Biker Gang in the Parque Central
At lunch
Outdoor market.
These trees with the purple flowers (maybe lilacs…we couldn’t tell) were blooming all over the city.
Volcano in the distance.
antiguafebOne edge of the Parque Central.

2 thoughts on “Antigua

  1. Kind of funny, I am taking a mental health day on Friday and we are going to Disney for Matt’s birthday. Should be fun! I definitely need it! Antigua looks beautiful! Lucky ducks 🙂


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