Milk Drive=Pink Mohawks

Mr Grutsch, the other 8th grade LA/SS teacher at EIS, started a milk drive with his students a few weeks ago. A local orphanage uses powdered milk for the kids who live there so Mr. Grutsch told his students that if they raised 2 months worth of powdered milk he would cut his hair into a mohawk. His students did an awesome job, but Alex decided to help out by upping the ante a little, he told the kids that if they brought in double the amount he would cut his hair too! Sure enough, in just 3 short weeks the kids managed to bring in 72,000 grams of powdered milk, about 4.5 months worth! So this week, Grutsch and Lopez are quite the talk around school as they sport their hot pink mohawks!

Both our principal and our vice-principal joined us in dropping off the milk (good thing too since none of us have cars).

This is 72,000 grams of powdered milk!

Alex started by dying his hair platinum blonde so the pink would show up better.
Platinum blond turns this color in Alex’s hair:)

Buzzing away….my first time cutting a boy’s hair!

Using “kool-aid” to dye Alex’s hair pink. We actually couldn’t find kool-aid so this is some very sugary brand in the flavor mora…which is berry.
It didn’t work….as soon as he rinsed his hair all the color came right out.

Day #1…pink paint works just as well as pink dye!

Alex and Ryan on Day #1

Day #2…double mohawk!

Alex and Ryan on Day #2

Day #4….creepiest day yet!!


5 thoughts on “Milk Drive=Pink Mohawks

  1. what has happened to my grandson?I want him back!! Must say I had a good laugh.I think the heat is getting to you. Seriously, that was great of the students and also you both to do it. Hope you don’t scare Caitlin away.


  2. COOL DUDE! I love the Mohawk and Alex, I think pink is your color. Congratulations to you and Ryan for doing a good deed! I’m just glad you’re smooth scalps aren’t having to brave the cold here in Wisconsin.


  3. Hi Alex and Caitlin,When Alex was five or six and we lived in University houses, one of the neighbor boys had a red mohawk. Alex thought it was really cool and wanted his hair like that when he grew up. His wish finally came true!Love, mom and Tommy


  4. should i pretend to be surprised!?! ahhh, buttmunch, at least you never cease to amuse me =) miss you guys and can’t wait til you come up here in june!<3 SarBear


  5. MMMMMM. Well a couple of things and it may be running in the blood. When I was in college , my first semester some older guys came to the dorms threatening the younger ones with cutting their hair. My cousin and I we felt too proud of ourselves and decided to do not give the pleasure to this guys and we went and cut the hair of each other. The tradition continues, in 4 or 5 th grade Alex wanted a very short hair and his soccer shirt number in the back of his head. The barber did a greay job and he had his number shaved. Unfortunately it was too sunny and he got sunburned and , he claimed it hurt and eventually got all red and I think it peel. But the best of this time it never stops amazing me the size of the heart of my son to go and do something for a good deed, and help those children to get milk for 4 months and half, think about it is almost half a year, 72kg 150 pounds . Alex great job.


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